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You can contact the call centre to immediately block your account. Once you’ve replaced the phone and SIM card on the same number, you can download the app on the new device. Upon opening the app, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number where the system will recognise you as an existing user and prompt you to answer the secret question. Once correctly answered, you will then need to rest your PIN and your account will be reopened.

SIM card loss or replacement will not affect your eWallet services as long as you replace with same the mobile number.

Your access to eWallet services will not be affected but it is advisable that you update your new mobile number with eWallet for future communication. To do this you will need to contact customer service to transfer your eWallet to your new number.

There is no change and you will continue to enjoy eWallet services without any interruptions or limitations.

No, at present there will be only one eWallet account per user.

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