Easy, Fast, and Secure

eWallet - The app to handle all your payments! Send & receive money on your UAE mobile line, Pay Etisalat bills & Merchants. NO registration fees, NO minimum balance & NO bank account required.

How to get started

  1. Download eWallet App
  2. Follow easy registration steps
  3. Load your wallet
  4. You’re ready to go

Share Money with family & friends

Whether as a gift or in cases of emergencies,
eWallet lets you transfer funds or family instantly in
a secure and convenient way.

Pay your bills

Whether you are shopping in a store or online, in a
restaurant or paying for your utilities eWallet will be
there for you.

Open for all

Regardless of which network you use or where you
bank, eWallet is open for you. All you need is a valid
Emirates ID and active mobile account.

Pay with eWallet at your favourite outlet!

Where to use eWallet?

Check out our extensive list of merchants

To register, cash-in or cash-out, visit any of our authorized agents